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i have had really bad breath for years and tried everything to get rid of it!! its getting to the point now where i am getting depressed about it has it is really taking a knock on my confidence, being only 24 i am finding it difficult to get close to anyone beacause of this, has anyone got any advice to what i should do??


My theory is that you have calcified debris attached to the throat and nasal passages, or in the cavities of the throat area. Try taking a tongue cleaner to the back of the throat, causing a gag reflex. Typically, this should release some phlegm or mucous. It took me about a week or two of doing this process when I noticed that these calcified deposits released. These deposits have a very terrible odor, which I believe is the cause.

I understand your plight to find a solution. I have been there. There is no help out there. I had to find this on my own.

Good luck.