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so i am so annoyed i have had this problem for going on 3 weeks now, it started out like a cold which i though i had just caught everyones nasty cold well everyone else got better but me, i just stayed sick i lost my voice and i had a little bit of a cough off and on i was coughing up mucus that was brown it than became thicker almost like a booger i cough these booger like things up at least once or twice a day they are brownish yellow, my throat feels scratchy today and my lungs are even sore when i inhale this soreness in my lungs just started today. and the soreness in my throat comes and goes i get a funky taste in my mouth sometimes when i swallow  i don't understand what is going on i am getting very scared. i did quit smoking 3 months ago but this issue didn't come  about tell just recently few weeks ago than yesterday when i woke up i had a few swollen taste buds on my tongue i bit one and omg ouch don't do that hurt like heck, that one i bit and poped is now white today and so painful  anyways i do still have my tonsils which i've been keeping an eye on and they don't seem to show any irritation maybe a little red i haven't been able to talk normal for few weeks i'm still horse with barely a voice :( i am so curious to whats going on i haven't been able to get to the dr due to no health care right now i'm so scared i've got so many things running through my head, i hope i don't have lung cancer or throat cancer can someone please tell me what this might be please thanks so much for reading hope to hear from someone soon. thanks


I think your problem is faranchitis try antibiotics like AMOXYCILLIN 500mg please consult a docter before my advice