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I'm 20 years old, a junior in college, and this is how I'm spending my Christmas break! After 7 years of problems punctuated by a straight 3.5 month run of my tonsils touching each other in my throat, I got them removed. This is day 7 of recovery and I'm finally starting to be able to eat stuff like macaroni and cheese. Cold drinks hurt a lot and hot tea is my new best friend.

I have a couple of questions for other people here, though. First of all, I'm glad (in a sadistic sort of way) to know that I'm not the only one having a ton of problems with this recovery. I had no idea it would be this difficult, but I'm glad nobody told me. If I had known, I wouldn't have gone through with the surgery, but it needed to be done.

Ok.. my questions:

1. When can I expect to get my voice back? It's been a week and I still feel like there's a glob of peanut butter on the roof of my mouth way in the back...

2. Am I supposed to have white stuff coating the back of my throat? It's freaking me out and I'm wishing I had stuck to my original plan of just not looking in there.

3. My left side is hurting a lot more than the right side... in fact, the right side barely hurts, but the left stings and my ear hurts horribly. Is this normal?

4. Are there scabs when they use cauterization? If yes, what does it feel like when the scabs fall off?

5. My jaw has been hurting since about 3 days after the surgery. Is this just from swelling in my throat?

6. Did anyone else bite their tongue while they were under anesthesia? Not just bit, but like... hardcore biting that leaves a big blister and gives you a temporary lisp? I did that. :(

Thanks in advance for any help. :)


I too had my tonsila out over Christmas break! I am 17 years old, a junior in highschool, and got them out on Christmas Eve. I did not know they even did that!

1.I was able to talk an hour after the surgery, but I don't think it is recommended. But it is day 6 right now and I can talk, but its still painful and gets tireing fast.

2.I also have white stuff on the back of my throat, so I assume its normals but thats one thing I am wondering as well.

3.Same here! One side is a lot more painful than the other.

4.I was also wondering about the scars. I was told there would be scars as well but I only see white? I'm wondering when they will fall off as well and if it will be another pain to endure.

5.My jaw aches as well but I think it is from the insision? I relized I can't blow, suck up anything, brush my teeth or yawn without pain.

6.No I did not bite my tongue but I can imagine that hurts! My lips are just really chapped and I think my tongue is swollen and rubbing up against my tteth which is painful.

I'm sorry I'm not much help and have just kind of compared with you =P But I guess the only onther things that i have been troubled with is spit, and a lot of it, and the whole food thing. I have lost a lot of weight! (which will all be gained back in no time) But foods I have been able to eat are popsicles, jello (which I never want to see again in my life), pudding, ramen noodles, macaroni and cheese, and pina coladas. But it is still very painful with each sip and swallow, even if it's just water,

Well I wish you well and hope you heal soon!


i just had mines taken out about a week and a half ago im day 11 post ops and it was not easy and i am so glad im almost done with the pain oh also im 25

1. even on day 11 i haven't regain my full ability to speak but it is getting better it feels like i have something in the back of my throat but i hope once the swelling goes down it'll get better

2. the white stuff are the scabs and the worst of the recovery time is when those things starts coming out cause it leave you spots of you throat raw and very painful that hits about day 6 7 or day 8

3. one side of my throat does hurt more then the other but i think it has something to do with what side you sleep on cause i think the saliva might help in the healing process or at least prevent it from drying out to much

4. i think the white stuff is the scabs

5. the pain will get better just try not to sneeze cause it will suck and use non-alcohol mouth wash and brush your teeth twice a day cause there will be bad mouth order and doing this will help minimize it

6. my tongue was bruised in the back to the nurses said it might be because of the tools the doctors used to hold my tongue down during the surgery

well i hope this help you guys


Hello. First, you need to know a lot about tonsillectomy side effects. I believe that one, that is also most common, is losing your voice. But that is just temporarily. When I had my tonsillectomy, I was scared to talk for the first couple of days, I didn't even try to talk. I was waiting. At the fourth day of my recovery, I started to talk but nobody could clearly understand me. Which was normal, according to my doctor. Sometimes, when I look back, I have a feeling that I was not able to understand me neither. But as one week passed by, I was feeling much better and my voice started to be normal again. After day 10 I think that you can expect your voice to be back. Don't worry if this doesn't happen even after your 10th day of recovery....



I had my tonsils removed 7 days ago. I'm just now to where i can get broth. My left side is more painful than my right. The right side doesn't hurt any. When the left side starts to hurt I get a soft blanket and gently rub the side of my throat and behind my ear. It seems to help after a few minutes.


I am a 21 year-old female exactly two weeks post-op and I too am getting frustrated with the way my speech currently sounds. I have no pain at this point, but I feel kind of stupid saying words with "l" in them, like "school" or "law" (yes, I'm in the midst of applying to law school). It feels like one uses the back of the throat to project these sounds, which explains why I have difficulty saying them after having my tonsils removed so recently. I am hoping that my speech returns to normal once the scabbing and scarring processes finish (i can still feel tissue build-up in my throat, which I'm assuming will dissipate or dislodge). I would be pretty angry to learn that my speech was permanently disabled due to a surgery that's beginning to seem more and more drastic based on my circumstances (tonsil stones)...I will try to post back with updates.


I just had my tonsils removed yesterday and I had a hard time staying asleep last night. I have tons of salvia that I am producing and can hardly swollow.


I had mine out last monday.

I dunno about the voice, I had a little bit of trouble talking after the operation, but can't say I lost my voice..

The white stuff is normal, yeah, eat toast/rough stuff at least once a day to try and keep it to a minimum, although it's supposed to be there, it's not a good thing. I coughed a lump up today and it stank like hell.

The scabs come off and it should be fine, acidic stuff like fruit juice will sting like hell, but it really shouldn't bleed alot, if at all.

Jaw and earache and that sort of thing is because the nervous system from the throat extends to these areas, common ENT thought is that this becomes more so the older you get, although I don't think there's any proof.

Anyway, I got a couple of questions of my own.

I'm now 5 days post-op. Throughout the day I'm mostly ok, I just keep taking my codeine, paracetamol and diclofenac.

At night I get chronic earache and very dry, swollen throat to the point where swallowing brings me to tears. I'm 6'3", 18 stone rugby player, and I'm not ashamed to say the last few nights this pain has been making my wake up crying like a baby.

I'm wondering when this starts to cool off?

Also, on the side of my tongue, near the back of my mouth, there appear to be a few lumps on each side, about the size of a big zit. Are these somthing to worry about or are they just somthing I've never noticed before?

Many thanks



Hi, I just got my tonsils taken out about 8 days ago.
I was doing some research to find out more about what they did in the surgery and what happens when recovering...
When I first woke up, I literally didn't remember anything.. Not even going to the Surgery Center, (a place located in the hospital I attend.) I was fully awake and I noticed two huge scars on my tongue.. I was reading some of these posted comments and I could have bitten my tongue while in surgery? Or it could have been the clamp-thing they used to keep your mouth open to do the operation.
Anyways, when the scab started coming off, (this is really gross..) it felt like I was just swallowing something. It IS in your throat, so it just kind-of disolves within you. Haha...
Okay, and also, did anyone have problems with yawning? I could not even open my mouth that far..? I couldn't even eat my soup because my mouth hurt too bad to open my mouth and use the spoon.
I had normal symptoms. I am just taking a little longer to recover.
Oh, and I also found out that if you have a side (left or right) that is hurting more, then that could be because your tonsils are located in 2 different places, so one side they did the operation on could hurt more or you could have more sensitive areas.
Hope I helped? :-)


I'm 20 and I'm on day 12 of recovery. I have to say, things are looking pretty good. I'm a little nervous because my doctor and everyone says the worst part is when the scabs fall off and new ones form. I haven't noticed them fall off really, so I can't tell if these little white things are old or new. So that makes me a little nervous because I honestly feel almost normal again. Obviously I'm taking it easy. But I'm talking, eating normal foods, and I was able to go out today and hang out with a friend for a little. I do have my second post op apt with the doctor in 2 days, so I guess I'll get most of my questions answered then. Over Christmas, I had a pretty hard time with the pain...I'm seriously hoping that horrible part is over. Because it seems awful to feel like I'm all better and have a setback that bad again.

I had an awful experience. I have to say to someone who hasn't done it yet...HYDRATE. I stayed in a recovery center for 2 days after the surgery and I'm so glad. So i had nurses there for me and had IVs in me the whole time, giving me fluids. The day I came home I was fine...drank a lot of water (but it wasn't enough). That night, I could not stop vomiting. I'd feel a little better, and 20 minutes later, I'd do it again. It happened about 4 times and I went to the Emergency Room because I knew I needed fluids. I was dry heaving after a while and I knew that couldn't be good for this throat. After vomiting a few times there, they finally got an IV in me and some meds and took a nap and I immediately felt better. From then on, I made sure to be drinking lots and lots. The doctor wanted me peeing more often than every 2 hours. That's when you know you're doing okay. Just a warning. I wish I had someone to tell me that even when you think you're drinking enough, you aren't. It was a mix of dehydration and my pain meds and an empty stomach. So i stopped taking vicodin and stayed safe with extra strength tylenol because I knew it worked for me. If that works for you, I'd keep off those intense pain meds unless things like tylenol don't work for you.

I wouldn't go and do it all again. But I have to say, i am so glad that it's over and done with. I'm a singer. And I can't tell you how amazing this is going to be for my voice. Those tonsils were ruining me for a long time. It was time to get rid of them. If you are a parent and reading info for a tonsillectomy for your child, do it now! The procedure on a child is much easier on them. Surgery and recovery-wise. All doctors will tell you that. The older you get, the worse it is!


I am 18 years old and just had my tonsils out. Today is day 4. (I had my wisdom teeth out last year and i had no problems.) I would consider this my first surgery. Going into the hospital i wasn't scared to get them out knowing i would be put to sleep. I didn't think at all about the recovery part. I new it would give me a sore throat for a couple weeks, but i wasn't aware of everything else until experiencing it. I decided to look up recovery stories today and came across this site. Im glad to hear your stories and know that what i have experienced so far is normal.

When I woke up from the anesthesia i was back in the room i had passed out in. The nurse gave me a cup of crushed ice and apple juice. and they went down really nice. (not eating anything since 12am the day before) i was extremely happy i could swallow anything. I expected the worst!? When i got home that night i was able to eat luke warm chicken broth.
The medicine i was proscribed was Liquid oxycodone (Roxicet) and Methylprednisolone tablets. I was told to take 2 tea spoons of the Roxicet for the pain. (I got sick once the first night) and now im only able to take one tea spoon because it made me nauseous and itchy. If the pain is so uncomfortable I will take the 2 tea spoons but NOT on an empty stomach. I always try to eat something after to avoid the nauseous feeling, and i can put up with the itchy face if it takes the discomfort out of my throat.
My pain level has been at the worst... maybe a 3.5 on a scale of 1-10. 10 being the worst.
I like the idea of not looking down your throat during recovery because it only freaked me out when i did today! The first couple of days my throat looked "normal" it was the same color, only missing my tonsils. Today when i looked, there was white pus covering both sides. (not to sound gross) but i thought it was food that got stuck. It scared me. I didn't know what it was or if i was getting an infection. some of your posts on here said it could be scabs forming. I agree with that! It felt like i had something stuck in my throat and i was trying to swallow something all day. after reading a similar story i tried to rinse my mouth out, gargling cold water gently to get some of it out because it seemed as if it was accumulating? and that worked. it didn't hurt when it came off either.
At night when i sleep i drool a little bit from having my mouth open and the corners of my lips were cut the first couple of days. Im not sure if thats from the doctors clamping my mouth open during surgery or from them getting dry at night? They don't seem to be as dry today.
Im nervous about scabbing... im a little worried about tonight when i fall asleep if the white pus will dry up and if it will hurt coming off? It didn't hurt today when it came off but it also wasn't dried up.
If you couldn't tell from how long this post is... I talk a lot! so i have been trying my hardest to rest easy and not talk as much as possible. Txting and facebook have been my ways of communicating the past 4 days. Mornings i can talk at a whisper and afternoon i can talk in an almost normal tone ( just not a lot!)
your stories have helped me. I didn't really give advice, but i can tell you that if you have a food processor it will become your bestfriend! I love spaghetti and my family had that for dinner while i had chicken broth. it was such a tease! the next day i was looking for something to eat and had the idea to put the spaghetti in the food processor. PERFECT! it chopped up so fine that it was the perfect consistency. Not mushy like baby food but small enough where i could swallow and have it go down smoothly.
I really enjoy trying new things so i messed around with the food processor after discovering the wonders it can do.
Another night my family had steak and potatoes. I could get the potatoes down fine but the smell of the steak really made me want some. so i pored some of the juice from the steak onto my potatoes, and even though i couldn't bite down into the steak itself, it tasted like heaven in my mouth!
I also tried to get scrambled eggs down. Its possible but not so easy.
I kinda made my own puree. I used one can of green beens and put them into the food processor first. After they were a thin consistency i poured them into a medium sized bowl. Then I found a small onion, a small carrot, and small potato. I boiled the onion carrot and potato together before i put them in the food processor and also put them in the food processor together. I then put in one boiled egg, a pinch of garlic powder, and a pinch of celery salt. I mixed all things together in the medium sized bowl and heated it up in the microwave to a temperature that wouldn't hurt going down. I wouldn't recommend it cold. Together it all looks like green mush, but it tasted delicious!
Thats just an idea i came up with for something other then jello popsicles and soup.
I would share more ideas but i pretty much just wrote an essay lol, so if you would like more let me know and ill just end my story here for now. Thanks for reading! :-)


I am a 21 year old female and I just had my tonsils taken out dec. 29th. I had to stay overnight due the inability to control my pain. I also had my septum and sinuses operated on, however, I didnt even notice any pain from them over the tonsils. The only thing i have been able to eat is chicken noodle soup, and only in small doses.....butter noodles in small doses...and a little jello. I can't drink anything but water cuz the sugar from everything burns. I can barely open my mouth and my tongue is still partially numb and swollen up. I can't even see down my throat to see if the scabs are forming! Fortuantely the pain is controlled for the most part by pain meds when i don't have to eat or drink anything, but eating and drinking in general are EXCRUCIATING! Has anyone else had it this bad? I haven't had any bleeding and I am able to drink enough water to stay hydrated, i am just at a loss as far as eating and drinking goes as far as something different that i can tolerate. I cant have anytihng with sugar, salt, or any seasoning whatso ever :/ Any hints or tips or ANYTHING for that matter please, input would be much appreciated as I have to return to work on thursday and need to be better by then!


I also had mine out on the 29th. Today i am doing much better. I hope by thursday you are able to get back into the swing of things. The things i found most easy to enjoy going down are apple sauce, chicken broth, and nesquick strawberry milk. The milk might help you feel more full. freeze pops help too. The coldness takes my mind off the pain. Also placing an ice pack on your neck could reduce swelling. try sleeping with your head elevated and not laying down. ( my doctor told me to sleep that way).
I hope that helps :-)


I had my tonsils removed on 01/07/11 using the electro-cautery method and am a 22yo female.

From straight out of surgery, they gave me ice chips, then a few minutes later some apple juice and saltines.

The most important thing I can recommend anyone to do is to KEEP EATING AND DRINKING! Not 'exercising' your throat will cause it to spasm/clamp up and prolong the healing process. I followed all of the dr.s instructions, and with the exception of 2 tough days (day 5 + 8) I felt much better than expected.

My Easiest Foods:
-SUGAR FREE Jell-O (The sugar creates lotsa spit/mucus formations)
-Saltines dipped in Jam
-Overcooked Noodles (with butter or tomato sauce)
-WholeFruit popsicles
-Italian Beef drenched in Au Jus
-Fresh/Frozen fruit smoothies

Good Luck everyone! :-)


I had mine out 18 Feb 2011 so that puts me on Day 7 now. On Day 2 I had to go to the ER because I couldn't keep anything down, water/meds/popsicles/soup, nothing. They gave me a shot of steroids to lessen the swelling of my uvula which gave me one day gag free (it's still super swollen and sitting on the back of my tongue).
On Day 5 I took a nap in the evening in my recliner chair and woke up to my husband calling me from Iraq. I lightly cleared my throat from the spit that accumulated so I could talk, but I just kept swallowing and there was so much to swallow. I finally went to the bathroom and spit it out and it was blood... I continued to bleed for 15 minutes until I went outside in the freezing air to wait for the ambulance. I think the cold air is what helped it to clot. I realized I started bleeding while I was napping because I was spitting out fully clotted blood that was on my teeth from the beginning of bleeding.
It was really scary. I lost at least a pint, but I had to just keep spitting it out. It was coming so fast.
My doctor switched me from the liquid Roxicet to Percocet tablets because the liquid made me feel queasy all day long. He said I had to be on a liquid diet for a week after the 2nd ER visit and that I should be on clear liquids for most of that time.
I'm so done with clear liquids! on Day 5 I had finally eaten a few bites of mac and cheese, it was so delicious! I long for more food. You'd think I could at least lose some weight being on this diet for the last week, but I've only lost 2 pounds!
Anyway, I'm so over this, I want my voice back, I want my food back, and I want to be able to swallow without taking in tons of air with every gulp.
Wishing the next 7 days go by a thousand times faster than the first 7!