I had the operation done in October 2016 under general anesthetic. The operation went fine and initially I wasn't in any pain at all. When the general anesthetic wore off the pain started. When I didn't need a BM it wasn't too uncomfortable and just took some wriggling around to find a suitable sitting position. However, when I needed a BM the pain was excruciating! I was told to take the lactulose solution given to me (I cant remember how much but I took at least twice as much). When I ran out I bought more from Boots. I also had to take pain killers constantly for about 2 weeks. At this point to be honest I was seriously regretting the decision to have the operation. I continued with the lactulose for about 6 weeks which helped immensely with the pain but has its own problems, particularly as I went back to work after 2 weeks. I used to get up early in the morning and taking the lactulose and lots of painkillers as I couldn't leave the house until I had a BM. However, time does heal. After a few days I was only in pain when I needed a BM. Overtime and I was able to reduce the pain killers to down to nothing. Eating a high fiber diet helped a lot (as soon I ate junk food instead it made the BM very painful again). By four weeks post operation I was pretty much ok. By about 7 weeks post operation I was completely back to normal (no lactulose or pain killers required). I still need to make sure I eat a lot of fiber as constipation can lead to a painful BM and bleeding, but otherwise I am totally fine. I am glad I had the operation done and very glad to be rid of the unsightly anal skin tag I was very embarrassed about.