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I went to dermnet NZ to have a look at some pictures of vasculitis and boy, are they nasty! I thought vasculitis could look just like any old rash, but this is a different carrot altogether!! I bet that really hurts! And dermnet mentioned that some of the worst forms of vasculitis are chronic, too!


Hello there hart1881,

Unfortunately, vasculitis is very nasty and sometimes even dangerous condition. This is autoimmune disorder and that means that our own body is attacking healthy tissue and cells because it thinks these are the invaders (the main role of our immune system is to fight against invaders such as bacteria and viruses).

Since you were looking for the pictures I presume that someone is suffering from this condition or you are just curious? And when you say that there are few types of vasculitis you have right. There is one type of vasculitis which is not dangerous at all and it is usually passing on its own without any treatment, but there are some chronic vasculitis types which can be potentially very dangerous.