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If you love pets but their hair doesn't love you, here's a few awesome pets that you can consider for your home.

Animals are the gift that keeps on giving

 It’s human nature to want companionship and it seems like more and more often people are choosing the chance to bring pets into the home whether or not they have a companion in the form of a partner. Pets provide us with lots of things we really value as people. Something to hang out with, to start off. The phrase “a man’s best friend” didn’t come from nowhere, and this is exactly what dogs are. Loyal, excitable and fun to play with, they’re almost the perfect pet. A true best friend.

There are plenty of other animals too that people have commonly in their home. Cats, too, are a popular species. Offering something different than dogs, cats are mysterious, slinking around the home, dedicated to their owner only when they have something to offer them, and then once that is over, they will take to the streets, or the rest of the house in search for a great place to lay their head. The hamster, the gerbil, the rat. All are other animals that are popular as pets. The hold these creatures have over people is impressive and emotional.

With this in mind, this additional dedication, love, and sense of home that pets offer, what is there to do if you can’t have a pet? Hair allergy is quite a common ailment, but the fact that the most outwardly loving animals seem to be covered in fur means that those with allergies in this sense must be left to consider a life without a dog to pet or a cat to bother after. But does it mean that these people are forever consigned to missing out on this additional happiness? Well, not exactly. It just means they’ll have to look for a pet that doesn’t have hair. Of which there are many, in all types of exotic shapes and sizes.

A lot of the pet suggestions we have are more unusual than your average choices. But thinking outside the box can mean that you will be able to still have another cute addition to your household without the bother of the irritating hair that causes you so many problems. The attachment and love you give to an animal aren't for the type of pet, it’s made by the time you spend with them, so we’ve picked some of the best choices you can go with to avoid any allergic reactions.

It’s worth remembering that not all of these types of creatures are everyone’s cup of tea. There are some exotic animals here and some people really won’t take to them. But they’re also pretty common as pets and nothing here is exceptionally harmful, they’re just not classed as your usual pick. Take a look and maybe you too will choose some of these to be your non-furry friends!

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