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Looking at some pictures of golfers vasculitis on the internet, I started thinking about the reason that the disease was named golfers vasculitis. It golfers vasculitis actually more common in people who play golf? Do any professional golf players suffer from golfers vasculitis? Or was the name randomly assigned to the disease for no particular reason?


Hello there luigi354,

Basically this condition has been related with the heat and it is very common for the people who are involved into hiking and walking. It is usually appearing after this physical activity and it looks very similar to the red patches and although this is a rash it doesn’t itch.

It is appearing above the line of the socks which is visible if you are wearing shorts but I think that most of the golfers would never wear shorts so even if they develop this condition during playing golf it is impossible to tell unless they admit.

And it is probably named just randomly. I hope this satisfies your curiosity and that you will not het golfer’s vasculatis.