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I am 15. My penis is small, but not unusually. Ive got these pimples all over my penis. Some small... some big...some of them are more like bumps. Towards the head, they are in small clumps. I don't know what they are and I've never had sexual intercourse.
Can you please help....


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It is probably noting to worry about considering you haven’t been engaged in any unprotected sexual acts. Are these bumps pimple-like? They could be sebaceous cysts! They are normal appearance on scrotal and penile skin caused by accumulation of sebum (oily substance) under the skin. They are usually not being removed as they are considered normal. They are probably here to stay and you may get some more.

You may look around the forum, there are many posts regarding sebaceous cysts. You may use the search button to find all of the posts. Here are some: