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I'm an 18 year old female who's sexually active. A few days ago I started feeling sore in my genital region. One day I actually urinated and it was pink with blood. So I thought at first I had just gotten a urinary tract infection. A painful knot appeared under my skin and hasn't gone away its been about 4 or 5 days. A cluster of pimples or blisters also appeared from the bottom of my vagina and around my rectum, and then there's one separate on my bikini line. Every move I make is painful, I'm itchy and irritated all the time, and just today I noticed that the pimples or whatever are secreting a clear puss. The pimples are swollen pink with very large white heads.

I've been trying for a day or too just to even figure out what I might have before I get tested because I did have unprotected sex recently. But I know my partner doesn't have anything. Does anyone have any ideas on what it may be? When I've researched the different symptoms for STDs I could have some but I have others that aren't there.


What was it