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I sometimes get what appear to be surface pimples on my vagina. They end up popping and I put proactive acne treatment on it and it starts to go away. I've gotten these a few times before, on my leg by my bikini line and on my buttox/gooch(not sure the correct term for it). I'm a larger woman also and I feel as though I'm more likely to get these sorts of things, from chaffing and irritations from my skin rubbing together. I'm slightly scared that they are genital warts, I am sexually active also.
I could possibly just be paranoid.

any feed back would be nice.


Its just pimples, warts don't... pop usually.

I know what you're talking about, I get this when I get sweaty or chaffed down there and ignore it or after shaving it gets irritated. %-) It is kinda painful and nervewracking when you don't know what it is, but you're fine as long as nothing gets infected. If you get a REALLY nasty thing that's like green and yellow or something then you should go to the doctor, but just little dot-zits are just annoying :-)