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ok yourself. i am almost 50yrs old and have the same pimples in my vaginal area like everyone else. i went to the gyno' years ago and thought i had an std or genital warts, or herpes. my gyno reassured me that everything is fine., every woman has moist wet vaginas and the pimples are very very common and safe. as long as you don't burn when urinating or have an odor. genital warts hurt and they itch like hell. genital warts itch soo badly that you cant stop scratching yourself. so as long as you don't itch, burn or smell, everything is ok. also, the pimples come when i am on my period. sometimes the pimples are beneath the skin. sometimes they are above the skin with white heads that i can pop; inwhich blood and puss comes out. sometimes there are a few clusters under the skin together. and sometimes they are only 1 or two. sometimes they are on the upper inner thigh near the vagina. NEVER are these pimples inside the vagina EVER. HORMONES effect the way our bodies react just the way hormones effect our mood swings. PLEASE DO NOT BE EMBARRASSED TO TELL YOUR MOTHER OR DOCTOR. every woman should have an GYN exam EVERY YEAR no matter what. and for the record, i am a lesbian and do not let any mans penis come near my vagina; therefore, i have never had herpes, an std or any venerial disease and am HIV negative. i get checked out every year of my life. so again, if you feel concerned about ANY part of your body, then go to the doctor. if you are afraid of telling your mother, go to a free clinic or planned parenthood where you do no need your mothers approval. i hoped i cleared any ones concern regarding vaginal pimples.


Does sexuality REALLY need to play a part in this?  Could it be anything else?  I doubt I am gay,  but does that make me straight?  (doesn't matter to me concerning this issue).  Should it matter if I don't desire sex from man woman or machine?   I don't know WHAT I am, all I know is I want these bumpy things to go away!  I have not had sex (with a man or a woman, if it matters) for  about 12 years.  (Those of you who need to know's because I feel it is a "violation of my personal space", be it man. woman. doctor or machine).  (I would like to keep my comfort zone to myself, thank you!)  What I am concerned about is the "cluster" of bumps that can be felt when I "wipe" after I pee.  They do not hurt.  Please don't ask me what they look like.  I have NO idea.  (Yes, I am that grossed out by the bumps & trying to find them with a mirror!)  How 'bout it? Any advise for someone who does not use that part of her body (by choice?)