Here is the situation; I have had a hole in my gums, upper right side above the third tooth from the back where my gums and cheek meet for about three years. I have been to the dentist several times and they could never find a reason. Finally, went to new dentist who told me it was connected to my sinus cavities and referred me to oral surgeon. Went to oral surgeon who told me he had never seen this in a patient who had never had surgeries before and referred me to my GP. My GP did a CT scan and which showed that I had a cyst in my sinus cavities. Went to an ENT who told me that it was in fact not from my sinus cavities but my jaw bone. He said he believes I have a cyst in my jaw bone that has gotten so big it is now in my sinus cavities. He also said that he does not think it is a tumor but is not entirely sure. He has never seen this before. So, now he has to consult his colleagues and an oral surgeon and he said he would get back to me. This is all I am left with now. Patiently waiting on a call back. The cyst or growth or whatever the heck this is is pretty big. He showed me the CT scan and it takes up half of my right sinus cavity. Does anybody have a clue what is going on in my head!!!!!!!! Please help. Thanks.