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My period comes regularely every 28 days. I got my last period on November 2nd, and it ended the 6th. On November 19th, my boyfriend and I were curious to know how unprotected sex felt like, so, we decided to try it out but for only a few seconds. I made sure he didn't have any prec-cum before he inserted. (yes I know that doesn't help but I'm dumb). He trusted only 3 times and then we both felt uncomfortable so he stopped (and when he pulled out i was dry), so from then on he wore a condom. (we always wore condoms before this incident happened) anyway, today, I noticed multiple red/brown spots in my underwear, and I panicked because usually, as far as I know, that's an early sign of pregnancy. But, I also heard that it was also normal for some women to get that between periods or a week before theyre going to get there period. So now I'm freaking out because I don't know what it is!! Also, lately I have been feeling very hungry, and ive been eating a lot, but I've also been home sick for a week recently, with a throat infection bored in bed, so maybe thats why im eating a lot? Maybe lm just making myself think im pregnant. Ughh! Anyways, I've also been urinating frequently (every 3 hours or so, usually I can wait up to 7 hours before going) Might I add that I am on antibiotics (it's been 5 days) so I'm not sure if maybe what im experiencing is part of the side effects. Do you think they are? And what do you think this bleeding means? Yes I am young, no rude comments please! Thanks!


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