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can i tell if my girlfriend lost her virginity ? with out asking her??
does masturbateing mean loseing your virginity ? IF my girlfriend had sex once does it mean she pop her cherry?


1) you never can tell for sure if she lost her virginity or not because it is hymen that usually is present at the vaginal entrance if the girl is a virgin. You have probably already heard that there is bleeding and slight pain when the hymen ruptures during sex or fingering or by inserting certain objects like vibrators. However, some girls’ hymen are so elastic that they don’t experience any pain and any bleeding what so ever or it may happen that her hymen broke during some straining or heavy exercising. But, if she bleeds or if it’s uncomfortable when you insert your fingers deep inside her vagina, then you can tell that she’s a virgin for sure.

2) losing virginity in girls mean that a penis has entered her vagina. At least that is what I consider losing virginity. A girl can broke her hymen during masturbation but she is still a virgin

3) if a girl had sex once, yes it means that she popped her cherry