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I am scheduled for a pregancy test today at 3:45 PM at Planned Parenthood

I am currently 12 days late and have tested a lot of times with First Reponse Early Results test and they all came back negative, but my oeriod still has not showed up.....

I was just worndering is the test that Planned Parenthood offers a Blood or a Urine test? does anybody know?

Has anybody had an experience with a test there? Tell me about it!



Just thought I should update this for people like me wondering...

They game me a Urine test... A cup and then they take it in and come back and take you into a room and explain the results..... very very comforting staff and understanding as well as advicive

My urine test came back negative like all the others.. they then ask you some other questions explain the actual possibilities of being pregnant and your test being a false positive

Mine were really none,but they scheduled me for this friday for another urine test ( These are FREE by the way) to make me feel safer

Seeing my concern they also offered a blood test if the urine test still comes out negative and my period still has not arrived to make me feel safer

The blood tests are 20 Dollars .... CHEAP!! Thats wayyyy less expensive than buying all these named brand urine test at the store.....

The physician also explained to me that preganacy test are all pretty accurate if taken correctly and with the correct time... even the dollar store ones !

anyways hope this helps to all those wondering and trying to save money!

Good LUCK! :-D