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Hi, i am 20 years old and i really need some help!!

I am 22 days late for my period. This has never happened before except when i got pregnant. i had my first child 5 months ago oct 18th. Had the iud inserted dec 30 and when i went in for a check up 4 weeks later it had slipped down. Doctor reinserted it and i have not been back for a second check up. My periods were 28 days apart since the iud and even before that. They have been late maximum of 5 days before but never this late.  My last period was on Feb 9th throught the 14th. Suppose to be 9th of March and it has not showed. I have not had any spotting what so ever. Just clear/white discharge lots of it. I have taken 5 urine tests at home 1 at planned parenthood and 1 at my ob office. They were all negative. I also have taken 1 blood test and that was negative as well. I am having symptoms i had when i was pregnant with my last baby. Naseua on and off, lower back pain, headaches, no vomitting. But i never did while i was pregnant either. I have had loss of apetite for certain things and have been craving vegetables recently. (Nothing specific). Some times i will be very hungry eat a little and be very full. I have also had abdominal pressure on and off. Some cramps on each side and the middle as well. Not sure what to do. I got another blood test for thyroid and prolactin this past thursday but wont find out the results till this thursday. I am very impatient, so i am wondering if anyone else has had this before and if so what was the outcome!??? Please Help!


Hello krista,

can you feel the threads to check if Paragard is in place? If it slipped or moved during your fertile period and you had sex then, you could have gotten pregnant. But, all the negative tests seem to imply that you are not pregnant. Did your ob-gyn check is Paragard where it's supposed to be?

Left and right lower abdominal pain could haveve caused by pelvic inflammatory disease, and if that's the case, the IUD device needs to be removed. I'd also recommend you to have an ultrasound to check for any ovarian cysts that might be responsible for the pain you're feeling,

Wish you all the best,