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hi everyone,

i'll lay out the timeline first:
Day 1-2: gf and i had unprotected sex but i withdrew
Day 3: we took plan b
Day 9-14: she had bleeding which we think was a period

Day 41: she experiences brownish blood

Day 43-48: she experiences really bad cramps and takes alleve and starts bleeding that day, and bleeding proceeds...

NOW Day 70: her body hasn't shown any signs of pregnancy (like weight gain, breast tenderness, changes in diet or smells, spotting) and she doesnt really feel any different, besides some tiredness, but she's always taken naps and sleeps over the years.


Should we be worried? I know that we should take a HPT, but besides that. Her period is about every 31 days so it should be coming soon again. And I know she's bled twice already, but I'm just freaking out, perhaps for no reason. Should I be?



UPDATE - She took FIRST REPSONSE Gold the other day... around 10 weeks after conception and it was negative! Are we in the clear for sure?


anyone else want to advise??