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So we did it on 1/4/11 (unprotected)

She told me her last period was the beginning of dec.

She hasn't gotten her period yet and it's 1/12/11

I know a little bout this stuff.

I don't think she is pregnant but she is freaking out.



she has a right to be "freaking out"
but there is a 50/50 chance shes pergnant
beacause you didnt use protection
but it could be cus she has irregular periods thats y she probably did get her
period should ask her if she ever has missed period or if she has irregular periods..
and if doesnt then just wait till the end of this month..nd if no results
you should support her nd get a pregnacy test..
good luck-


It depends on the girl's cycles.

My gf doesn't have a 28 day cycle. It's usually 3-3.5 weeks till ovulation then 2 weeks after she'll get her period.

Stress can delay the period from coming too.

A) Is she exhibiting any symptoms of pregnancy?
B) Has a pregnancy test been considered? It's a great way to know what's going on, especially if her last period was over a month ago.