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I am 14 years old and I live near London. I am a pretty average teen-ager with a wicked set of mates and a great school! But as you all know as your getting older you go through puberty and start to masturbate and so on... atm I am not in a sexual relationship but i am at the age that i want to start one :-) I am only worried about one thing. Flacid my penis is about 2 inches and erect is about 5 inches. But my foreskin wont retract! I am worried that when i do have sex it will hurt or will put the girl off :-( Anyways i can move my foreskin freely but it just wont go over the head of my penis. I am just wondering if this is normal and safe, and what are your opinions? I masturbate about 4 times a week and can orgasm and ejaculate perfectly well. I am wondering in you could give me your advice and opinion on methods of how to get my foreskin to retract without making a big fuss with doctors :$ hehe. I am nervous about this so please be nice :-) . Considering all this, i am only 14 and am physically looking quite young for my age and think im going through the first stages of puberty atm. Do you think i should see puberty though and see what happens to my foreskin or should i do something now? ;-)

Many Thanks, please reply



Hi Maxyy,

It is very common for a young man to have trouble with retracting his foreskin. Usually you'll outgrow this about age 16 or so. To speed it up, you need to stretch your foreskin. You can do it just by masturbating or by using your fingers to spread the opening. It'll be uncomfortable but you don't need to hurt yourself. Take your time, use some lube. Don't ever force the foreskin back though, it can get stuck.

You sound like you are doing well with puberty. 5" is average for a male adult and you've got some time to grow.

Hope it helps.