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Hi, im 14 years old and I haven't been able to retract my foreskin behind the glands since I was like 10 years old, it doesnt hurt unless I pull it hard while erect, how can I make my foreskin retract over my penis head? im shy to tell my parents about this, and one other thing, I've noticed that each time I get to see the tip of my penis head, if anything touches it, it bothers for some reason, please help.


This is common enough that I'll copy my reply from earlier today to someone else:

The only significant detail you raise that was not raised earlier is the top of the penis head, which - if you look closely - are almost like lips around the opening.

If a clitoris can be likened to a micro-penis, then these lips might be considered a micro-vagina - nature's efficient re-use of the same basic design - modular programming for men and women [just a mild reflection, slightly off topic, perhaps].

Point being: the tip is extremely sensitive, out of all proportion to its size, as is the interior channel of your penis, so yes, it could well bother you to touch it, if by that you mean a sensitive reaction, a bit like raw or burned skin.

Read the following, and remember: if in doubt, check it out.

ps: everyone's shy about this stuff, especially with parents: generally it's easier to talk to a (relative) stranger, like a school-physician, or medical professional (doctor or nurse at a clinic), but that doesn't mean that you can't have a rational conversation with your parents. They've been through this too, it's just life!


My earlier reply was:

"At this point, and until it becomes an issue, I would encourage you to look at this as an anomaly, not a crisis.

It seems (if only by the number of posts) to be a surprisingly common situation.

Ultimately, if you can get an erection (as you mention) normally, without discomfort, then there's no obvious reason for concern as such.

There are hygiene issues, you will want to ensure you are able to wash inside - at least a good rinse - and either now, or when you reach the age of majority, or whenever you begin to experience sex and or masturbation, if the condition prevents you reaching orgasm, then you have a reasonable reason for taking the matter further.

Ultimately, once you reach 18 (broadly speaking) what you do with your body is up to you. Until then, it will be in consultation with your parents (red faces all round, yes, I know). Another reason to hold off until 18, unless a more compelling reason interferes!

Pain and discomfort, inability to maintain hygiene, etc are all such reasons to have the conversation sooner rather than later.

And you can visit a doctor or clinic now, I would assume (I'm UK, and in fact recently a doctor refused a solo visit until 16, so I don't know US law), and discuss the matter.

There's are posts on here discussing the issue (search, google or wiki phimosis) and one obvious solution, circumcision.

Whether you want or need to go there is down to you, and currently, aslo down to your parents.

Personally, if everything's working fine, I'd hold off for a while, but it's down to you.

If in doubt, check it out: go chat with a doctor."