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I don't know if this is the right place to ask but this is my last resort I don't know what else to do.

My name is Jake and I am 16 years old, and a virgin.
I have several problems related to male sexual health and I am incredibly worried, concerned and absolutely scared for my future as I really want to have children and also be able to satisfy women when I'm older.
After seeking help from a variety of websites because of my embarrassment preventing me from telling my mum or anyone else, I'm asking here as a desperate last resort.

Through my entire life, I have never managed to retract my foreskin over my head. It isn't painful however it is very uncomfortable as my foreskin is tight, especially when my penis is erect. I would be very willing to try and retract my foreskin all the way however I have another problem which is my extremely sensitive head. I have never touched my bell-end - I wouldn't dare after the painful sensation I get from even a drop of water from 2 inches above it. I am scared to retract my foreskin all the way as I am terrified of the possibility that it will get stuck behind my extremely sensitive head - I would have no idea what to do.
My final problem is what I believe is premature ejaculation. I'm unsure whether or not this cold be related to my other two problems but I ejaculate within 30 seconds when masturbating and I'm scared that I will not be able to last very long in the bedroom :-(

Please help me solve my problems as they are making me emotionally depressed.
How can I reduce the sensitivity of my bell-end? - I tried to touch it one time but I was too scared please don't laugh at me..

How can I loosen my foreskin? - I am desperately against circumcision.

Is my Premature Ejaculation problem related to the others, how can I last longer?

Thanks so much I will be looking back here until someone else posts I am so desperate.



Hi Jake,

First off, what you are experiencing is very common, all of these.

The foreskin normally is able to retract by about 16. You need to help it though by stretching the skin. You can do this pretty much any way you want, maybe using some lube or in the shower. What you need to do is work the opening using your fingers. Make the opening wider and pulling on it. Skin grows by stretching. The more you can stretch the better. You don't have to hurt yourself but expect some discomfort.

You don't ever want to force the foreskin back, it can get stuck, but you do need to work it.

The bell-end or glans, yes, it will be very sensitive. It has been protected for 16 years. As it gets exposed more it will tend to dry a bit and become less sensitive. It will be uncomfortable but you will get used to it.

As for the early ejaculation, some of it is due to the sensitivity that you have. The best thing to do is to get yourself as comfortable as you can when you masturbate. Relax and get used to the feelings that you have. The idea should not be to just ejaculate, but to learn to control your body. Masturbate until you feel close, then stop, keep doing that.

hang in there Jake.


Thanks so much! I'll do everything you said this is so helpful.

Thanks again, you're a legend.


Hi. Its AL here... yes keep stretching that skin in the shower or bath, the hot water helps. My glans was aslo very sensitive .. but thats normal.

I dont know why parents dont start easing there baby's foreskin back at a young age... by doing this their boys wont have this problem by the time they are 15 I agree circumcision should never be done unless its must.

much nicer to have your foreskin (that goes right back) :-)