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Going by the cover of most magazines which feature young girls, one would assume that women prime in their late teenage and early twenties. However, a new study has found that women are the most confident of their body image in their thirties.

Pick up any magazine and look at its cover page. Look at the advertisements shown on television. Look at all the models sashaying down the ramp. What you would see is common to all the three is young girls in their late teens or early twenties. Chances are that seeing all this, you would believe that the age at which women look and feel the best is early twenties. But this is not the truth. According to a new study conducted by Sanctuary Spa, a leading British firm dealing with skin and body care, it is in their thirties that women feel most confident about themselves. They are not only satisfied with their body image but are also confident about the way they are leading their lives.

According to the study, teenage years are the years of experimentation. Young girls are still trying to come to terms with the rapid changes in their bodies. The hormone levels are fluctuating.

They are blindly aping the styles of their fashion icons and are yet to find out what style suits them the best. It is only when they are in their thirties that they are generally settled with a husband and a family. They have come to terms with their body image. They are no longer in the experimentation mode and have found their own style. All this reflects in their confidence level. In fact, according to the study, the age at which the women are most satisfied with their body image is thirty four.  

For their study, the researchers interviewed 1,230 women. They were asked questions about their comfort levels with their body image. The researchers found that 40% of all the women who participated in the study looked at their naked image in the mirror every day. 25% of the participants confessed looking at themselves once a week while 16% said that they had never seen their naked body in the mirror. Among all the participants of the study, the women who were 34 years of age were the happiest with their naked reflections.

Apart from this study, a UK based study conducted by premium clothes brand CC has also found that women are the most confident around the age of thirty five. The study involved multiple experiments which analyzed different styles and looks of women. The common inference of these experiments was that women in their mid-thirties were far more confident about their style and image.

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