hi there...my name is gina..49 yr old female...diag with ddd, spinal stenosis, and spondyl in 1999 via mri & ortho conf...2003 woke up and fell to floor from severe pain in lower back and right leg, had to lift leg very high & use cane to walk....further testing done via emg testing and another mri.....severe nerve & muscle damage right leg & right foot....surgery was not an option said the ortho...all we can do is keep you comfortable....so pain meds from 2003 - june 2010...i stopped meds on my own....thank God the pain was only there every so often.

Fast forward to April 2013....woke up severe pain in lower back & left leg (btwn knee and ankle) & pins & needles in right foot including the sole of my right foot, and pins & needles also in area in left leg....can hardly walk..pain is so bad & weakness in left leg and right leg....xray done, and mri done.....results were lateral recess stenosis L4 & L5, sacral nerve compression....referred to orthopedic

Orthopedic said he cannot help me and referred me to neurosurgeon...he said i am way past surgery, will take a lot to fix my back....took a week for the neurosurgeon to schedule surgery..he had to look at my mri in order to agree to see me....he agreed and his first avail isnt until July....my appt is July 17th.. now i have episodes of urine/bowel incontinence on top of the severe pain.

Pls if there is a qualified dr on here, would you mind replying and instructing me how to approach this? I havent spoken with the neuro directly, but can tell you his office staff could care less...ive been to the er 4 times since April 20 for the severe pain and pins needles....the kind er staff r the ppl who expedited my xray and mri.....but now they are sick of me....they tell me the ER is not the place for me to be....I want to go to the ER and tell them I need to be admitted and have emergency surgery.  How do i go about doing this? I'm in Polk county florida and am talking about Lakeland Regional Hospital.  It just so happens the neuro I have been referred to is highly known/respected/affiliated to this same hospital.


Any help would be greatly appreciated....this is a true emergency...I have trouble bathing, washing my hair, cooking, dishes, walking and have a 13 yr old daughter who depends on me, and I am all she has.

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  Thank you in advance and God Bless All !