Hello.  I came across a forum that you posted on in an attempt to learn more about my condition.  I was wondering whether someone could give some insight or feedback. But first, ill give you my story.

3 or so months ago, i was lifting my son out of the tub, and felt a severe pain in my lower back.  Anyway, it got progressively worse in a matter of days, and moved into my legs (predominantly my right).  I went to an urgent care clinic who said it was a pinched nerve.  He prescribed motrin and PT which i began.  

Then i went to my regular dr who said it was the same, and that it would heal with time. He prescribed motrin, gabapentin and flexoril, which i started.

Pain got worse, and i couldnt walk, so i checked into the ER.  They did an xray and an ultrasound of the veins in my leg and found nothing.  They set me up with an appt with an orthopedic surgeon who i saw the following week.

The ortho ordered an MRI and after the results, he determined that i had DDD with lumbar spinal stenois which is causing me extreme pain in my legs and back due to the compressed nerves. He said that i didnt need surgery, and that it would get better.  He prescribed more PT and lortab, which i began.  I tried PT and it didnt help at all, but the Lortab helps me be able to get out of bed and get to work.  But without Eit, the pain is debilatating. 

As i was unhappy with my local ortho's diagnosis, i sought out another opinion at a spinal specialist center (syracuse orthopedic specialists).  I am seeing dr. Wulff there.  At my first appt,  he reviewed the MRI and confirmed the DDD and lumbar spinal stenosis.  He added that while it is uncommon to have this at age 31, that he has seen it before.  He said that PT is always worth a try, and its recommended if it helps you.  But in my case, he said i could consider the injections to relieve the pain.  But he also reminded me that the injections were only a temporary solution to the problem.  And that i would be a good candidate for a lumbar laminectomy due to the severity of my problem and pain i was in.

It's been 2.5 weeks since i w Dr. wulff, and ive decided to go ahead with the surgery, due to the fact that the pain won't let up, unless i stay in bed all day (which isnt an option).  I realize that surgery too,is a rather temporary fix to my stenosis, But it seems more long term than an injection is.

Any advice or comment you have on this would be greatly appreciated.

Until then.