My elderly (78) mother is experiencing increasing back pain and near paralysis. We have seen orthopedic surgeon, neurologist, pain management dr., rheumatologist. All of them say "she just has scoliosis (which she's had since a child with no pain until now), and she also has spinal stenois, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis." No one has any corrective answers for her. We don't even know which condition is the "culprit" of her weakness and pain.

She has been dealing with lower/mid back pain and leg pain (and also some "leaning" when she sits) for almost a year now. But, almost "overnight" (in the past 2 weeks or so) she has lost almost all of her leg strength and is in constant pain. She's gone from using a walker to being in bed almost all day and night.

MRI was done last week and we are in the "holding pattern" waiting for a referral to neurosurgeon for back surgery consult (in another 6 weeks!).

Does anyone have any suggestions for immediate relief? help diagnosing? interim strategy? (chiropractic/acupuncture)......Any help at all will be greatly appreciated!