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Went to doctors and was treated with a zpack for bronchitis, still not 100% so called doctor and they said could take up to 10days for antibiotics to make feel better. Was still sick after another week so went back to the doctor and was diagnosed with pneumonia so was put on levofloxacin 500mg for 10days one a day plus an inhaler and cough meds. Well i have one day of antibiotics left and chest still feels heavy and short of breath and very easily tired. Should i go back for yet another round of antibiotics or is this common and will eventually work my way better? help


Hi Lisa,

You should be feeling better now compared to earlier.  The antibiotics should eliminate the infection but it can take some time for you to feel "normal." 

In your case I do think you should see your doctor again if your chest is heavy, are short of breath, and tire easily.

good luck.