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Hi there,

I have experience with the slow carb diet, and it is positive! Four years ago, I was on this slow carb diet. This diet is a gift. Anyone can lose hope, I did! But, I have decided to try one more time. 137 days I haven't looked back. Actually, this is a lifestyle, and not a just one more diet. This is the best answer I can give to you! Being able to plan all of my meals it's a stress. I cut out all junk food, sugar, bakery products, ice-cream, desserts. Looking back, it was hard. But, the changes have been incredible.

Do you want my menu?

Best wishes! 


Hello guys,

OK, i have decided to share my menu, rules and cooking secrets with whoever asks me! I will share my slow carb diet menu with you.

Just for the record, I've lost 100 pounds for eleven months.

First, avoid white carbohydrate (bread, rice, potatoes, rice). Also, avoid fruits. But, If you want to grab a snack, you can eat tomatoes and avocado.  Drink water and green tea. You can „cheat“ with one glass of the wine per week. But, the most important thing is to eat the same few meals over and over again. Everyday. That is the only way.

Good luck!



Hi there.

thank you for sharing your menu here. I believe that is the only way. I also believe that is allowed to eat : eggs, meat, such as pork and beef, organic bacon, seafood and fish, vegetables, olive oil, coconut oil, brown rice, low-fat cheese, and of course, whey protein.

Also, I think that you could eat meat with hot sauce, salsa without sugar, vanilla extract etc.

I believe that you know that you need to avoid milk, cheese, olives, soy protein, potatoes, bread, rice, honey and sugar. Also, stay away from corn and popcorn. And, avoid alcohol.

Any other suggestions?