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Is it true that if I start with raw foods will give me more energy and health? I have heard some stories about this, but I am not a true believer yet. It is not imaginable for me to eat food that is not cooked or fried. I would really want to start with this, so I need some tips.


Your suspicion can be understood completely. My reactions on raw food were the same at the beginning. But now it is totally different. And, yes, it is true about new energy and better health with this food. Because there is no cooking your food will have more vitamins, proteins and fibers, which would be destroyed, while preparations of meals. Because of this your meals and you would be healthier. Not to mention less time spent in kitchen.


Raw food (vegetables) can be healthy but not all of them.
Some defend themselves with a poison, a few cabbages do so.
Eathing to much of them can harm your health.

Lettuce on the other hand causes no problems.
It is even better not to eat it straight away but to leave
it for half an hour after cutting. It seems to be so that the
edges produce a fluid wich prevents against some cancers.

Chewing your raw foods is very necessary. It will make the
nutricians like vitamins come loose from the vegetables.
Did you knew you need a tiny bit of fat to be able to take
in vitamin E from your vegetables?

Raw foods contain more good nutricians but you can eat
more of the cooked ones so the benefites of those can
be larger.

greetings from Amsterdam, europe.