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iam thinking of doing a strict meal replacement diet 500 calories a day.this will put my body in ketosis.i have a body mass index of it a sfe way to diet?


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I don’t think you should be doing this. 500 is way too little. How long were you thinking being on 500calories/day? After some time, your body will accept this as your normal intake and whenever you would eat some more calories, it would be piling up because it would be thought of as an extra food.

Plus, putting your body in ketosis is not safe and it can actually be dangerous. It can lead to ketoacidosis-
a life-threatening condition in which ketones accumulate in the blood stream and the pH of the blood decreases.

The lowest possible amount of calories should be 800/day and it should last for only two weeks.
I was once on such a diet. I managed to lose 20 lb sin three months. It was very affective.

I was eating 800 calories/day for two weeks, then went to 1000 calories for a month. The next step was 1200 cal for two weeks and 1400 for another month. When I reached a phase to go to 1800 calories, which is maintaince levels-I was 20 lbs down.

The whole diet consisted of cooked and grilled meat, vegetables-cooked and fresh, fruits, yogurt, white cheese and black bread. I had 5-6 meals a day every three hours. My meals were organized in a fashion that I wouldn’t be hungry at all for the next three hours and that I had no cravings.

Since you are obese, you better look for professional help.


While a 500 calorie - meal replacement diet is definitely not healthy especially over any extended period of time. I have seen a 2 day variation work to shed about 4-7 pounds in two days -- depending on your current weight. It is only recommended to do every 4 weeks for just the two days. Then follow a diet that is just 500 less than your RMR. So if your BMI is 38 you could lose weight on a 1500 calorie diet with 125 grams of protein as your daily goal. If you'd like more specifics on a menu plan to follow for a week drop me a return email

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