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ive just been in the garden getting a garden chair out of the shed. i struggled to reach it but eventually did it. i went back into my house then came back into the garden, as i did so my head felt like it was vibrating and something popped inside my head. my legs buckled underneath me and i fell on the grass. i was dizzy and couldnt control my legs. my vision blurred and i tried to get up but i couldnt. any help please. it scared the life out of me.

i do have menieres disease but im not sure if its related because my head made a popping noise and this has never happened before.


Well this can be affected by menieres disease. Menieres disease affects on hearing and balance. You had a pop in side your head because you had a pressure on you endolymph of the inner ear. Maybe you are tired form gardening and pulling the chair out. I think that this is connected with your disease, but if you are still scared you should go and see a doctor. Keep us posted on your condition.