I am 14 and I'm a girl. This only started yesterday.. During the day at school randomly I would hear a popping noise, it sounds like the "bubble wrap" case for iPhones or the home button on an iPhone if you listen Closey. I've been awake since 2am and can't sleep.. Thinking because of something else but I've been hearing the popping noise everytime from moving positions in my bed. I noticed if I put pressure on my ear and pay attention to my heartbeat it will fade away but once I move again it wil start. It does not come when I am moving a lot ... Like walking or moving my legs up and down but as soon as I stop, my ear pops. And he keeps going but after about 5 minutes it will stop. Usally I feel it coming I can heart my heartbeat speed up and as soon as it speeds up I feel my heartbeat travel up my neck, behind my ear, and into my ear. It seems to happen more when my heart beat increases a lot maybe to 120 bpm when my normal is about 80-90bpm. It's really bothering me and im scared it can be something bad. I can try any joke remidies or over the counter drugs.. I could probabl get prescription drugs too. Anything that would help, cause this is annoying. Thanks.