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:'( I got blood work done, and I tested positive for HEPATITUS B!!!!!!!!!! I know that i tested negative for it when i was pregnant with my daughter, which was a year and a half ago! I am married and have had no other partners, Im wondering can it lay dormant, and not have shown up when i was pregnant? I have no idea where i could have got it from and its driving me crazy???? Please if you have any helpful information, i would appreciate it! Thank You and God Bless


Hi ttjj,

What test did they do? There are 4-6 types of tests. Generally the Hep B Surface Antigen test, HBsAg, is considered the most accurate. If you were vaccinated you can show as positive on an anti-HB's test.

Depending upon when you were exposed it could take about 3-5 months to show symptoms.

I assume your daughter was vaccinated. Has your husband ever been tested? He will need to be.

Make an appointment to discuss the results with your doctor if you have not.

Keep us posted, good luck.