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Hey all,

I've been having constant head discomfort. I'd describe it as a pressure (possibly tightness, but definitely feels like just a dull pressure). Sometimes this pressure occurs all over my head, other times it seems centralized. I've also been experiencing headaches, nothing excruciating, just mild aches and occasionally a sharper pain, usually on the sides of my head behind the ears nearing the back of my head, or the temple. I've had a fairly constant ear ringing, nothing extreme, I notice it in the quiet or when I really listen for it, but watching TV or talking with people I don't notice it, sometimes it flares up though but that only lasts between 5 and 60 seconds. I've also had occasional ear aches, not long lasting, they seem to come and go irregularly and each episode isn't longer than a few minutes. I took one 200mg Ibuprofen (Half the recommended dose) for the headache and it seemed to clear it up for a few hours. The head pressure, headaches, and ear ringing has been going on for the past 7-14 days. I saw a Dr. on Friday for a general checkup and to address some of these concerns I had and TMJ didn't come up, the Dr. said it was most likely a viral sinusitis or ear ache, but said I didn't have much fluid behind the ear, but my ear drums looked a bit dull; and my sinuses haven't been congested nor have I been experiencing cold symptoms.

So I'm curious if this sounds more like a TMJ disorder? I've had a lot of anxiety recently with these health problems and others (I had some chest discomfort earlier this month I was concerned about I posted about HERE ) and with this new set of symptoms I've described above I originally was worrying about worst-case-scenarios. Does anyone who has experience with TMJ problems have any opinion on this? I'm curious if this is something my Dr. could've totally overlooked, and if I should see a Dentist about this. I'm a college student and am due to go back to my school this coming weekend so I am short on time. Would a dentist be able to see me sometime this week?

Thanks in advance!


I have TMJ and I have many symptoms but the ones you are describing do not match.  When you have TMJ you usually have discomfort or like I do extreme pain in your lower jaw and around your ears.  My ears do ring though.  Your doctor was probably right about you not having it.  Doesyour jaw lock up or 'freeze'? Avoid chewing gum and I know this may not relate to you but giving blowjobs are something you should stay away from for at least a while until you figure out what is going on.  You should probably visit your dentist they may decide that you have amild case of it and recommend a night guard.  Do you grind or clench your teeth?  Keep me updated.