I have a history of allergies and sinus issues (infections etc), recently my ears plugged up but no other symptoms really, felt like I had to constantly move my jaw around (yawning motion/opening mouth and moving jaw in and out) to get any relief in my ears. This was accompanied by a dull headache and pressure in my head. Only a few days bad enough to take some Advil (which helps out some).

I figure I have some inflammation caused from something which is causing my eustachin tubes to block up thus causing the pressure to not equalize correctly. Can the inflammation be caused from clenching?

I don't have ear infections or wax buildup and the pressure and hearing test I took at my ENT came back fine.

I have noticed seldomly when I wake in the morning that my jaw almost seems to not close right, this only last for a few minutes as I move my jaw and bite it seems to correct itself. Almost like one side of my jaw is swollen and doesn't close as much as the other side causing one side to hit first.

The weird part is my jaw is rarely sore, I have had a one or two times where it did hurt on one side, it was either my jaw or my ear not sure.

The last few nights I have woken up early and can't go back to sleep, maybe stress/anxiety as well.

I am pretty sure I do clench my teeth sometimes, one time I woke up in severe pain from a deep sleep and had blood in my mouth and a bad bite on the inside of my jaw.

I just don't know if the symptoms I am having right now is more dental related or allergy/ENT related.

Seems like I went down the ENT path and they haven't really done much for me.