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Thanks to so many of you who've helped me with my research prior to my surgery.

I realize I'm only 6 days post surgery at this point, but I have a question that I can't find anything on. 

I had a ADF C3 to C6. Obviously my throat hurts but my question is whether others have experienced "snoring" like noises in their nose/throat while they are WIDE AWAKE? 

I can sit in a chair just breathing normally with my nose and the inside of my nose or throat just "rattle" and snor as if I'm sleeping. I can't tell if it's in my vocal cords or up in my nose but it really rattles and make a ton of noise. Certainly enough to annoy and keep me from sleeping. It's like I need to cough up some mucus out of my upper nose but there isn't any. 

Anyone experience this? Any fixes other than time? Thanks


I had my spinal fusion March 27th on c3-4=5. I also snored from my throat and at times i thought my cadavor bones were moaning! It was interesting for I used to  sit still and wait to see what happens. My husband thought I was asleep for it was very loud. And yes I had muscus. Sore throat is almost gone.  It will pass and all will be well