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I had sex with my girlfriend for the first time last nite and when i put the condom on, i might have got a small amount of precum on the condom, I wasnt thinking anything of it and preceded with having sex. I kno precum has small amounts of semen and my girlfriend urintated soon after. I am thinking the odds are very slim of pregnancy and shouldnt worry about it? please help


Hey there. How old are you? How about her?

You are right...the chances are pretty slim! The sperm content does increase though depending on the last time you masturbated, and urinated yourself!

So - this is an important lesson for you - and everyone else! When you are putting a condom on it is VERY important to make sure it is going to unroll the right way BEFORE you let it touch your penis. If it does touch your penis anywhere and then your realize it is backwards you absolutely have to throw it away and start with a new condom!