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I had sex with my g/f. i hadn't ejaculated for over more than 60 hours. I had also had a bit of a party the night before so i urinated quite a lot. The condom broke and my penis was about halfway in and i pulled it out immediately. i'm not sure if precum was present at the time but is it possible that the precum would have gone in far enough and would it have contained any sperm?


I doubt it. I personally wouldnt worry about it - the chances are slim to none (read the precum sticky at the top of this topic forum) You could buy her the mornng after pill if your that worried just to be safe but I personally wouldnt take it the chances are so remote and the morning after pill is a high dose of hormones so it messes with your emotions and period quite a bit... Then does a baby. Do you know if she was anywhere near her "fertile time"? and if her cycles are regular?

Either way unless there is something you are leaving out like I said- I wouldnt even worry about it- "precum" is contraversial but I think its safe to say in your situation your fine.