My symptoms include nausea, heartburn, frequent urination, dizziness, breast pains, increased hunger & lower abdominal cramps.  I would add exhaustion, but I have 2 three year olds & a 3 month baby.  the exhaustion is easily explained.  I did grave the Mirena inserted 6 weeks after giving birth.  I never had a real period after it was inserted.  I've had consistent spotting & some extremely light bleeding a few times for only a small part of the day.  I took a pregnancy tet (home) & was negative.  My question is, could adjusting to the Mirena, pregnancy or something else.  I have PCOS & always fear diabetes.  Could it be that?  I don't have a history of diabetes at all.  The nausea & breast pains have been gradual for the last few weeks everything else hit me the end of last week at once.  Well,  dizziness never lifted after giving birth.