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My fiance and I are trying to concieve. I have been off the pill for 2months now. I had my first period on time and didnt really have any warning signs which i never had when i was on the pill. I thought well this will be great, no tender breasts, no cramps, ect. Nothing! Then after my first period we had sex around 3 days after my period was over, so about 7days after i started. We have intercourse about everyother day to keep trying. So this month Nov. 1 I had my period but it was very light and only lasted about 3 days. I noticed tender breasts, not too painful but no cramping in my abdominal area. Went to the doctor maybe a day after my period, so nov.4th, to check on my sugar levels because I am diabetic. Did a urine sample to see if i had a bladdar infection, but nothing. They called about 3 days later with blood work back from the last 3 months since i have been off my birth control and my diabetes medicine. Everything was fine. My doctor gave me the ok to start trying to concieve. Bringing you to current symptoms and why i have questions is...? I have been wanting to get pregnant for yrs now but I was 67lbs heavier then I am currently. My doctor put me on metforman(diabetes medicine) I started taking the medicine and it made me very sick. To make a long story short, I keep getting sick and losing weight and total I lost 67lbs in about 6-7months. It was amazing but i didnt feel amazing. I slowly started to get better my doc. took me off the diabetes medicine, then i started having kidney problems. Since then I have felt so much better my kidneys are fine, I'm off all medicine and trying to concieve. I'm so excited, that sometimes my fiance thinks i'm crazy, he tells me not to get to excited bc he doesnt want me sad if it takes longer then I want. lol I'm not sure if the symptoms i'm having are just being to excited or if I may actually be pregnant. I started my period on Nov. 1 and it was like 3 days long and very light. Then have been having intercourse for almost everyday since. Its now Nov. 18 and I am feeling teder breasts, actually they hurt very randomly and feel tingly off and on. They feel more full at times and I have hot and cold moments which make them feel weird at times. I have constant bloading and not like movement but like a flutter and I am very gassy. Now I did start taking prenatal vitamins from my doctor on Nov. 5th. I took them up till now and really havent felt anything out of the usual other then these symptoms i listed. Also I have had a headache for about a week now and feel very tired. Like I feel ok at certain times, but then other times I will randomly feel my body go from hot to cold and then feel sick and start gagging and run to the bathroom and get sick. But I dont throw up much and I feel better after. I feel like I'm in the clouds. Like in a fog or another world....something! lol

I have taken 3 pregnancy tests and all neg. I feel like i'm jumping the gun and taking it too early maybe I should wait till Dec. 2nd or 3rd. By then I think I would no for sure? ?

Also keep in mind I have PCOS.


You are definitely jumping the gun here! It is still too early. But I think that the best thing you can do since you have PCOS is get a test at the docgtor's office instead. Getting a blood test is much more reliable. Can you wait and get tested there?