I have a 30 day cycle and lmp was 6/21. I had an ectopic in Feb and had laproscopic surgery and saved my tube. got postive hpt on 7/18 my hcg nubers are as follows
3 on 7/18 , 34 on 7/21, 69 on 7/23 and 85 on 7/25. My regular DR is on vacation until Monday i had some pain and cramping so went to the doctors 7/25
so they woman i seen in her place in the morning before I got my HCG levels back said that everything felt fine, i looked fine and my pain and cramping are most likely due to scar tissue from last surgery she said reading in my notes that the dr that did my lap said i had adhesions on my ovaries etc that could have caused my ectopic in Feb. Never knew i had that but i went into the Drs 2 x the year prior to my ectopic complaining of pain in that area and they saw nothing on an ultrasound too bad. anyway
i went home thinking it was all ok then they called me and that Dr said i have bad news the pregnancy is not viable either its ectopic or you will miscarry but there is no way you will have a normal pregnancy with numbers like this. she said i needed to be there in 1 1/2 hrs ( its a 1 hr drive!) and i had to take my poor daughter who turns 3 thursday back to my moms house where i just picked her up! of course i was in tears as was my daughter because mommy was crying and my husband was as well.. so i get to the Dr they take blood to make sure kidney and liver function is ok so i can have the methotrexate . U/s revealed a thick uterine lining but nothing else. The thing that worried me during the u/s she focused on the left and my pain has been both sides my previous was right. Then she asked if they removed my left tube with my last ectopic?? why would she not see it? was too worried too think to ask then.
so i go in to another Dr room and he comes in and says well what are we here for today? i was stunned i told him the Dr from this morning said i had to have the methotrexate shot because my pregnancy was not viable. he said baaed on what? i said my hcg and previous ectopic i guess. he said he would rather wait it out until monday to see if my numbers did anything as jsut because they did not go up much did not definitely mean i would lose the baby. he said the pain could be from previous ectopic and since i was not bleeding at all and its too early too tell anything on u/s i could wait. I have had a little more pain today but the way she did the u/s yesterday i am not surprised. i did not bleed or sput from that either
sorry so long but i am freaked out that one Dr thought i should get the shot ASAP and the next said he though this pregnancy might be ok! i do not know what to think
can the hcg numbers really only go up that little and not mean anything bad? i do not want to go thru the heartbreak of having a miscarriage down the road yet i rather know if its ectopic or not because if it is i give up trying again. What should i think??