Hi everyone, 

After speaking with two doctors about my situation and still no clarity I thought I would try a forum. 

My story begins with a missed miscarriage, followed by d&c followed by getting pregnant 6 wks later, followed by hcg not increasing properly(70 to 90, and going down to75 where itQuote:

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plateaued so clearly bad pregnancy). Doctor opted the methotrexate shot vs another d&c and my hcg began to decrease and then finally plateaued aafter three weeks post methotrexate shot. Doctor was confused until he did ultrasound and discovered a two inch cyst in my ovary. He scheduled a laparoscopy in two weeks. I went for second opinion today and doc #2 said she would do laparoscopy to remove cyst and a d&c to get rid of w/e is still clearly there giving off the hcg. 


I am so confused as to what to do any input would be very helpful. Thank you all!!!