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I had sex first week of May. My boyfriend used condom, but he took it off, because he want it raw. And because of that i took PLAN B, early the next day. I have my period now, it was 2 days late. On my normal period, usually, my first day is vey light and the second day is the heaviest. But my period now, is really heavy, even the first day, i changed pads like 5-6 times.


This are the symptoms noticed few days/week ago.


#1. Im gaining weight, im 20 years old and i always weigh 95 pounds. But this past few days, i gained alot of weight. Im 107 pounds now.

#2. Most of my shorts wont fit me anymore, on my waist part.

#3. Last week, for 3 days straight, my breakfast, lunch and dinner, i was eating thesame food. I craved for it, and i still do now.

#4. People were noticing that my belly is getting bigger.

#5. My sense of smell, is realy weird, i gross out alot.

#6. I feel like puking on random occassions.

#7. There are days when i can go on without eating anything, but also there are days that i eat ALOTTTTTTT like i eat for 10 people.


Could i be pregnant , should i get a test ?



You gained 12 pounds in "a few days"?? o_O

But yes, get a test....