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I am eighteen years old, about 162 pounds, and about 5'3.
I recently moved out of state with my boyfriend to stay with his dad (who is an Italian chef).
It's ridiculously hard to watch my weight here, but I've been trying my hardest to do so after
actually realizing how much weight I've really gained. Since I moved here in December I've
gained probably 20 pounds. I usually weigh between 132-140 pounds. (I've been around this weight for about 4 years).

The last week I've started walking a lot more. I take my dogs on about 4 20 minute walks a day.
and I try to do yoga or cardio exercises off of On Demand.
And I've been trying to eat a lot of eggs, salads, and vegetables.
And I'm working on drinking more water and cutting out the diet sodas.

I just wanted to know if anyone had any ideas for healthy weight loss.
Inside exercises- how much to walk a day. (I live on the 3rd floor of my apt building).
What to eat (no meat).  Best vegetables, fruits, eggs, tofu, oatmeal? Special K diet? Any ideas would be helpful.

I just would like to lose weight before Sept. 24th.
My friend is getting married and I'd like to look nice in my bridesmaid's dress and also feel better about

Any advice would help! I'm tired of feeling lousy about myself and feeling so lazy all the time.


Your on the right track..i was above avg weight most of my life and one day i decided it needed to change. The first thing i did was cut out pops and juices and i lost 20 lbs immediately, next i got rid of beef, bread, butter and salt, then chicken and turkey and pork. I started eating alot of salads without dressing and got rid of alot of the extra, bacon, yellow/orange cheese.and made it as lite healthy and natural as i could. I stopped candy and sweets and eventually my taste just turned to almost all natural. If i crave a burger, i ate Buco or veggie burgers. I drank lots of water and replaced meals with frozen fresh (no sugar added fruit) and blended it with diet V8 splash. I would make a whole picture full and drink it for a meal and throughout the day. Eventually that became my only food, which i wouldnt recommend only because i lost muscle..I also incorported a very lite workout regime 3 to 5 times a week. Literally 50 crunchies, a few leg lifts, and some stair steps but i never broke out into a true sweat, just a mist and i raised my heart beat a little. I love the ab lounger.I could do 1000 sit ups a day on that. I also only eat healthy fast food..Chipolte veggie bowl for example and NO processed food, its SO bad for you...All this took me from 190 to 128 and i was there until 2 weeks ago, unfortunately ive been sick and craving all the bad things id stopped eating, i also am having digestion problems and gained 15 lbs in 2 weeks,. Im very upset but know that when they resolve my medical issues, Im back to living rightand eating lite and healthy. Good luck and just know this sounds like your denying yourself but eventually and always, your body only craves what you put in it so if you eat bad food youll carve it and if you eat good food, youll crave that to. For a while, i hated the lifestyle and wanted my junk but when i saw how happy healthy and thin i was, it was m y pleasure to treat me right and i didnt feel like i was denying myself anymore. This will do you wonders if you stick to it. Im 100% certain. Hope this helps and good luck!!