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Hi need to share a issue and hope will have some logical feedback.
I had my monthly periods on 10th April and on 21st April i had unprotected sex. though i am not sure if my guy finished inside me as he told no but still i tend to get worried. I could not take any emergency contraceptive pills since i was away from the town having no access to it. I just took one pill Primolut-N assuming it could if anyway help.
I had been told that i should be making pregnancy test after 10 days of unsafe sex and 14th day as well. Now, on the 10th day before i made my test i had my periods again. I am bleeding heavily, first few hours the blood was thick brownish type and full of blood clot,but now i am having bright red color clean bleeding and its still heavy bleeding. Today is my 2nd day of periods and i am still bleeding. Nevertheless, i made the pregnancy test as advised on 10th day yesterday and the test showed negative. I am wondering why i had early periods just after 20 days and is there something to worry? Am i pregnant due to which i am bleeding or something to worry????

Please help.


take a test lol