I am curious about how soon after an abortion you can ovulate. I had to go through an abortion on Feb. 9 2013 due to not having a vital pregnancy. Since I was about 7 wks ago I had the option of surgical or medication abortion, which I went with the abortion pill. I took the first pill Feb. 9 and the second round on Feb 10th. I started bleeding Feb. 10th and continued until around 2-3 of March. I did take my birth control a few days here and on to help control the bleeding. My fiance and I want to conceive again and are ready to try again. We had sex Feb 14th, 18th, 21st, 25th, 26th, 27th, March 4th, March 7th, and March 8th (all of which I did not take my BC).

I am just curious if I could have ovulated during these times of intercourse. I usually have regular menstrual cycles 28-29 days. I did purchase the ovulation kit to see if I could have ovulated soon after my abortion but did not start day 5 after bleeding (which is recommended) and all my results say NO sign of ovulation.

Also, I have continued to take pregnancy test weekly, which has all been positive until Tuesday March 12th.  I have been having back pain, minimal nausea and very exhausted. Could I or could I not be pregnant again?


Thank you