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Hey i got some things on my mind that has been bothering me, when i was 17, turnin 18 within days i tried a product called Mass Tabs a prohormone i took the product for a 4 week cycle i finished it felt regular but without the feeling of strength an mass. Then i tried it again once i found out a buddy of mine was taking it so i went for another 4 week cycle this time finishing it with the 6XO supp. Now im still 18 and i went for an MRI of my spine an the doctor said my spine resembles the shape of an 50 year old due to fractured vertabrae an flattened disk an possible arthitus. Now i know tha fractures probably came from the heavy amout of weight i was lifting but how are my bones so called aging before my time and what other risk am i vulnerable to after using this product????

note: that iam feeling 100 percent strong still able to put on the serious mass i use to b4 i tried the supps, and its my dumbass fualt for trying them when my genetics already produce freakish amounts of muscle in short periods of time without anything including protein supps

Iam just worried an looking for any help i can get please


Yeah, you used a very strong steriod compound before your bones matured. That was stupid. This is not reversible, and you will probably have trouble for the rest of your life. Also, steroids shutdown your normal testosterone production, so you need to get your hormone levels checked. Mass tabs has a steriod in it called stenolone. It's one of the active ingredients. You need to go to an endocrinologist and tell him everything. Good luck, next time think before you take steroids.