The injections are the earliest developed form of HCG. However, recently a few others like pills, gels, sprays and drops have been added into the list. Among the various forms, the oral drops are immensely popular. The sublingual drops are actually homeopathic drugs.

Pros & Cons of Homeopathic HCG Drops:

• As homeopathic medicines, HCG drops are considered to be safe from all harmful impact on health. There are very rare reports where people have fallen ill or got some problem after using it.

• The HCG drops are easy to administer. The pre-diluted drop doesn’t take more than five minutes to get dissolve in the blood after they are put in the tongue.

• The sublingual drops can be purchased without consulting a doctor. FDA permits the homeopathic drugs to be sold without any prescription.
• Unlike the injections, there's no pain of needle involved in the oral drops.

• The only drawback with the drops is that these have to be taken three times daily. However, this is not a serious problem as the drops can be carried along quite easily.

With low calorie diet, the HCG drops would be very effective in obesity. The diet drop can help to reduce weight by one pound per day.