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I've decided to hire one personal trainer that will help me in my body makeover. And I don't look for to be slim tomorrow! I need to work hard to accomplish this mission. So, I will call this extreme makeover. This is amazing weight loss program. But, I need some advice. Who can help me to analyse my body, who can help me to determine what type of eating and exercise program should I respect? Can my trainer help me with my menu? How the program works? I believe there are pros and cons to every diet system, right? 


Hello there,

This plan is very easy, so I think that your personal trainer will help you with this body makeover. It is easy to follow if you do get it. You will need to ask him some tips that you will need as your body changes. This makeover and diet is different for every person. My cousin Emma lost 13 pounds in two weeks! DVD, that come with book and this program, can help you a lot. But, one thing you need to know – you need to stick with it, to try everything, otherwise, it would be a waste of your money.