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Hello there guys.

OK, we were talking a lot about spaying and neutering dogs. I am for spaying and I am a little bit against neutering a dog.

I can see that we started a lot of different topics about neutering a dog and now I want to start a new one.

Actually, I want to know why you guys are for and why you guys are against neutering a dog?

I was thinking that we can make some list of pros and cons of neutering a dog.

So, please – let’s start :) I am really curious.

Tnx a lot. 


Hello. It is very good topic. I am glad that you started it. Yes, a lot of people are against neutering a dog. I am for it. I neutered my dog and I am satisfied. I believe that there are so many benefits of it. Pros – neutering removes risk of pregnancy. Even if you don’t own a female dog. Neutering makes dog calmer and sometimes a cleaner. There is no more stress and he won’t mark his territory as well. Neutering also makes your dog healthier. Neutering is actually removal of the testicles. This can prevent cancer in the future. Cons : neutering means sterilization in dogs and he will no longer be able to reproduce. It also can change his appearance, your dog will look a little bit different. After this procedure, your dog can gain weight.



Hey everyone.

There are good and bad things when you want to neuter your dog. Positive sides are:

  • It eliminates the small risk of dying because of testicular cancer,
  • It reduces the risk of non – cancerous prostate disorders,
  • It reduces the risk of perianal fistulas,
  • It can reduce possibility of diabetes in your dogs.

Negative sides are:

  • It can increased the risk of bone cancer if you do it before 1 year of age,
  • It can increase the risk of hemangiosarcoma,
  • It increases the risk of hypothyroidism.

In my opinion – you should not do this :)



Hello everyone.

Well, my sister wants to neuter her dog. She told me that she believes that this procedure or surgery – whatever, has only good effects on your dog’s health in the future.

So I just can’t describe you how happy I am because I found this topic. She wants to convince me to do this with my dog as well, and I was always skeptical about it.

As I can see there are more cons than pros. I am worried about it.

I really don’t want to do something “good” for my dog if is not good.

I will think about it once again.



Good day everyone :)

I neutered one of my dogs, others are not neutered.

I am pretty sure that there are so many benefits but I have to be honest with you – I don’t see any difference between neutered or non – neutered dogs.

At least I haven’t see any difference at all.

I am sure that there are so many benefits that are linked with neutering a dog but I won’t do that. At least I think so.

Sometimes sterilization is good option.

Pros definitely are because it stops unwanted pregnancies, it can change behavior in males such as hypersexuality, etc.



Hi guys.

I have a couple of questions about neutering. I want to give my dog for neutering but I don’t know is this really necessary. I want to know is there really possible that some dog can get for example testicular cancer if I don’t give him neutered? I am not planning to do this but if I can prevent some diseases in the future, if I can save his life I am going to do this.

Problem is because I hear different opinions all the time, why I should not do this, why I should.

I am so confused :/



Hi there.
I don’t understand how can be the same thing if dog is not neutered and when dog is neutered? My dog had all those predispositions to get testicular cancer since all dog from his family had it. That is why I decide for this option. I have only positive experiences with neutering a dog. The recovery time was a little bit painful for dog but it is worth of doing it. So if you ask me, neutering has only pros :) Warm recommendation for all new dog owners – neutering is really good thing for every dog.
Have a nice day!