When people start getting obese, fat gets deposited in some particular areas. Belly is one such part of the body. To have a spare tier on the tummy looks really odd. Generally, it is observed that women after pregnancy develop a flabby stomach. Moreover, over eating, excess alcohol indulgence may also contribute in fat gain. HCG diet can effectively reduce the extra inches from your belly and give you a toned shape.

How HCG Helps in Shedding the Localized Fats

HCG works with the hypothalamus of the brain. When the hormone is taken, it turns the body into a condition similar to that of pregnant women. An immediate need of energy is felt. Since the consumption is restricted to 500 cal / day. The localized fat remains as the only option. The hypothalamus becomes active to decompose the fat bank localized in some particular areas like belly, hips, thighs etc. Energy is released and at the same time, fat is reduced.

Important Tips for Fat Loss

• Take HCG doses regularly. Irregularity in dosage can hinder your weight loss process.

• Strictly maintain VLCD, i.e. 500 calorie per day diet. Take help from a professional dietician to formulate your diet chart. You may divide your calorie consumption into 150 for breakfast, 200 for lunch and 150 in dinner.

• Drink plenty of water and other fluids. This would help to speed up your metabolic rate.

• Take tea or coffee without sugar. You can take stevia as a sweetener.

• Have sound sleep for at least 8-10 hours everyday.

The HCG diet drugs are available in different forms which include injections, oral drops, gels, sprays and pills. Among them, the homeopathic oral drops are the most preferred. These are popular for their easy administration. The pre-diluted drops hardly take five minutes to get dissolved in the blood after putting into the tongue. Anyone above the age of 16 can take them if he/she has attained the stage of puberty.